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Fighting Chance Records is a Cleveland-based, independent record label established in 2011 by musician Diana Chittester and her partner Jessica Rosenblatt.

In the beginning, Fighting Chance Records (FCR) worked to connect artists to venues and venues to artists where the label acted as the "Agency Hub" for artists services like booking live shows and representation of select artists at regional music conferences.

After nearly a decade working as an independent musician, Diana Chittester shifted from touring and live performing to providing an educational experience for young students. Her self-written curriculum combines English Language Arts (ESL) with real-life music business experience to provide a pathway for students to learn about music composition, recording and performing arts.

The path to success in the music industry as an independent artist can be a journey through trial and error. The mission of Fighting Chance Records is to eliminate the guess work and  provide opportunity to new artists and students through educational hands-on experience and connection to professional recourses.


Local Musician & Her Partner Offer Three Acts a ‘Fighting Chance’ Through their Music Agency

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